Placements at SPHN

SPHN established the Training & Placement Cell to prepare students for careers in the workforce. In an effort to place more students in multinational corporations (MNCs) with greater compensation packages, all students are offered specialized training programs tailored to their individual companies. The cell conducts regular career coaching programs with distinguished speakers and industry resource persons to give them a solid basis on which to construct their own professions. Through their encounters with industry specialists, they gain confidence and self-sufficiency to create vibrant lives of their own.

The purpose of the Training and Placement Cell is to assist students in identifying their areas of strength and weakness, to develop their overall personality, and to instil in them the skills of planning and decision-making. Students receive instruction in the subjects where current methods and additional material are needed to augment their intellectual needs. For the benefit of students, various certification courses, conversations with technical experts, internships, technical hands-on sessions, company-specific training programs, and assessments are routinely arranged in accordance with the requirements and ongoing industry expectations. The T&P cell is regularly supported by the following employees.


  • To organize trainings on Aptitude Tests and Soft Skills to help students face the Interview Processes of various Organizations.
  • To arrange technical and career guidance related seminars/workshops to help students improve their technical knowledge and to let them decide on career path.
  • To organize placement drives for giving students jobs and also awarding them a great career path.


Training and Placement Cell has been established with the following major objectives in order to assist students to develop their academic and career interests, and help them in achieving their short-term and long-term goals through individual counselling and group discussion.

  • Assist students to develop and implement successful job search strategies
  • Empower students with life-long, career decision-making skills.
  • Act as an interface among students, alumni and the employment community.
  • Work with faculty members, department heads and administration to integrate career planning with academic curriculum.

Functions & Responsibilities

  • To help the Placement Cell to organize the various processes like written test, group discussion, technical interviews, HR interviews when companies come to the campus for placement drive.
  • To coordinate the soft skills training programmers of the respective departments.
  • To intimate students well in advance about the forth coming drives and selection process.
  • To guide the students for necessary preparation for the drives.
  • To arrange internships for third- and fourth-year students.
  • To organize career development seminars and workshops.
  • To invite companies to interact with students.
  • To activate resources for needy students to apply for jobs.
  • To organize guest lectures on career development by expertise of the field.
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