Secretary`s Profile

Shri Jaganmohan Reddy Sir, as the Hon’ble Secretary of the institution, cherishes in setting new benchmarks in technical education sector for a paradigm shift to emerging technologies. Driven by his commitment to provide quality technical education and to infuse novel ideas in scaling the zenith of excellence, he has put forward indefatigable efforts since the inception of the institution. He always dreamt of ensuring the students become job-providers rather than job-seekers.

A versatile academic genius with several post-graduate qualifications like M.Sc., M.Tech., a police officer at the age of 21 and a serious aspirant for Indian Civil Services, has turned out to be the chief architect of the institution.

Besides being a true academician and an administrator, he also zeroed in on physical fitness coupled with emotional well-being. He also believes in the maxim “Success comes to those who work hard and stays with those who don’t rest on the accolades of the past”.

A true cricket-lover, he leaves no stone unturned in making the students excel as recognized sportsmen by providing all facilities and the required motivation and guidance.

Secretary`s Message

I feel ecstatic for being a part of this august entity which continues to strive for the holistic development of the students in multiple technical domains by instilling confidence through skill-based learning and career-oriented guidance that transforms their professional trajectory. Driven by the obsession to set a benchmark in technical education, we have been endeavoring to provide with the world-class opportunities to our students for accomplishing their dreams.

I ardently believe in setting audacious goals and emulating the best practices by providing apt platforms for internships, initiating industry-expert mentoring, enriching research-intuitive framework, facilitating value-addition courses, entering into MoUs and focusing on FDPs, which altogether, help in the emergence of student community that matches the ever-changing industry requirements, per se.

As a part of ensuring emotional and physical well-being and all-rounded personality development of students, the institution provides unstinted support. Inculcating humanitarian values like compassion, humility, integrity, social responsibility and commitment towards the nation-building among the students has been an unwavering commitment to the institute’s vision and mission.

I urge the students to focus on self-learning methods as a tool to enrich themselves and also to be equipped with one or more foreign languages in addition to English so as to make oneself globally competent.

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