Mr. S. Holydhar Reddy

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer`s Profile

Groomed under the able guidance and motivation of a very successful duo - Honourable chairman Shri Chalama Reddy and Honourable Secretary Shri Jaganmohan Reddy, Shri S. Holydhar Reddy has proved himself in scaling the new heights of his career and becoming the Chief Executive Officer of this august institution, at a very young age. Born in 1995, he completed schooling at Ooty. He completed his B.Com (Computers) from Sphoorthy Degree College and obtained Masters Degree in Management Studies from a well-reputed business school - Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE), Shameerpet, Hyderabad.

As the CEO, he has been playing a pivotal role by executing the growth and strategy plan of the organisation on a regular basis, with a view to garner feedback from the departments in order to strengthen academic activities and administration and by setting targets for transforming teachers into facilitators. He has been very instrumental in boosting the morale of the department of Trainings and Placements which helped the students in amassing lucrative packages. Being an agile athlete, he took special interest in the game of football and several other sports that paved the way in the reinforcement of sports facilities in the institution.

His broad understanding in the need for a more customized approach to the execution of emerging technologies in the institution and setting essential targets like experiential and immersive learning that brings technical competence among the students to meet ever-changing industry requirements.

Chief Executive Officer`s Message

Keeping pace with the ever-rising trends in IT industry, the institution puts relentless efforts in mentoring and guiding our techno-savvy students made into not just corporate employees but jubilant entrepreneurs too. As an individual and in the capacity of CEO of this institution, I always discourage brain-drain and advocate a principle of working for one’s own Motherland and thereby growing along with it.

My focal point is on devising and executing various strategies which are aimed at the holistic growth of the students from the time they enroll themselves into first year of B.Tech till the time they exit the institution; by ensuring that all the necessary inputs are imparted, as per planning and on a time-bound basis.

I fervently preach and practice certain significant traits like consistency, commitment, perseverance, punctuality, professional etiquette, dietary discipline, financial frugality, physical fitness and psychological resilience that are essential for panoramic growth of an engineering graduate, in particular, and any human being, in general.

It is imperative on the part of the students to cultivate out-of-box thinking and to make use of it in becoming entrepreneurs who are supposed to possess the ability and desire to establish, administer and succeed in startup ventures. Entrepreneurship is a hub of innovation which generates abundant employment opportunities, which in turn, would be instrumental in community development in the form of increased standard of living. By and large, I always set my heart on visualizing engineering graduates as not just employees and but inspirational employers. It’s not as easy-peasy as it might sound; but one has to put forward indefatigable efforts in order to emerge in flying colours in the more competitive global marketplace.

Furthermore, I foresee the Sphoorthians to be trying their fortunes in other top-notch positions besides accomplishing their long-cherished dreams and attainable goals like becoming sports icons and other highly esteemed paradigms.

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