Sports Club-"Sankalp"

Sports Club-"Sankalp"

About Sports Club-"Sankalp"


To encourage the students to be a part of games and sports to improve all-round personality.


To provide games and sports facilities to the students so that they actively participate in them.


  • To provide a healthy sporting habit, recreational opportunities for the students retain their interest towards sports.
  • To maintain communication with the College officials to conduct sports and games much effectively in a scheduled way.
  • To develop sports skills and sportsman spirit.


  • Every member of this club can be a member of maximum any other two clubs. However, one cannot hold more than one office position put together in all clubs.
  • Sports Club will follow the Calendar Year.

Membership of Sports Club-"Sankalp"

  • Membership is open to any currently enrolled SPHN Students. Only one level of membership is available.
  • This Club shall not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, ethnicity, national origin, age, gender, disability or handicap, religion, gender orientation, department, procedures, and practices. This policy will include but is not limited to recruiting, membership, organization activities, or opportunity to hold office.
  • Only currently enrolled students are allowed to be a member and run for club offices.
  • Current members may bring up new business during the open floor session of regularly scheduled meetings.
  • A non-refundable membership fee of Rs 10 per annum to be paid by every student to be and maintain the membership.
  • For certain activities (such as plays, concerts, and shows) the club Office, after consultation with the Management, may solicit the help and participation of Outsiders (Experts, Trainers, Volunteers from NGOs, etc.,) needed on an ad-hoc basis because of their specific talents or skills. Such persons will not have any right to participate, influence, and guide this Club Office.
  • The duration of membership shall be from January 1 to December 31 of every year.

Office Bearers

V. V. Sai Mahendra Kumar

President CSE – AIML, III Yr 6301388815,

G. Kavya Reddy

Vice President CSE – AIML, III Yr 7569847983,

Harshitha Chouhan

Secretary CSE – AIML, III Yr 9380778874,

T.Yeshaswini goud

Joint-Secretary CSE – AIML, III Yr 8186802453,


Treasurer CSE-CS, II year 9391053411,

Pramod Saini

Web Master CSE-AIML, III year 8801192484,


Editor CSE-CS, II year 9063055154,


K. Anil Kumar

Mentor Dept. of H&S 8096656346,

Dr. M.Narender Reddy

Mentor Dept. of H&S 9440838917,

Mr. Pradeep Kumar

Mentor Dept. of H&S 9948248793,

Dr. Venkanna Rapolu

Mentor Dept. of H&S 8978370460,

Mrs. Madhavi

Mentor Dept. of H&S 8019030925,

Mr. G.Kadirvelu

Mentor Dept. of AIML 9943907748,

Club Events

02 March, 2024


Cricket Match for Faculty Members

Events Organized

02 March, 2024


Cricket Match for Faculty Members
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