Research & Publications


We support the involvement of students in different types of research, and encourage them to take part in the publications. We will be more than happy for our lecturers too, if they have decided to research on the trickiest concepts, and get the respective papers published.

This practical knowledge is very useful, and it can boost your technical skills; induce desire in you to make inventions. Getting the paper published is a daunting task, due to the complexities involved in the selection process presided by the senior most educationalists. We provide you with the required infrastructure and back up to achieve the feat.


Following Applications are developed in CSE Department to do operations smoothly

  1. Online Feedback System
  2. Automatic Time Table Preparation

Following are Under Development

  1. Automatic invigilation Duties’ sheet preparation
  2. Automatic Individual Timetable Preparation
  3. Online Voting for Student Committees
  4. Automatic Alternative adjustment for class


S. No Year Name of the Faculty Title of the Paper  Details of the paper
12011D. KishorePerformance of wireless adhoc networksIRJCT



  1. “SulphurHexafluoride(SF6) extra high voltage circuit breakers and its technical considerations to improve its quality and design”,Published the research paper in (Read More…)
  2. “ An overview quality design testing of insulating material’s different parameters used for the stator of a generator”, Published the research paper in IJERA. (Read More…)


Research Activities:

  • The Civil Engineering faculty are actively involved in several multi-faceted R&D and consulting activities with high relevance to industry and society. Annually the faculty in the department undertake consultancy projects worth over 2 lakhs Rupees. Some of the on-going research topics in the department are listed below.

Environmental & Water Resources Engineering

  • Water recycling and reuse, Rural water supply
  • Domestic and industrial wastewater treatment

Building Technology & Construction Management

  • Concrete technology & high performance concrete
  • Light weight concrete

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Geosynthetics and reinforced soil structures
  • Disposal and utilization of fly ash

Transportation Engineering

  • Performance based evaluation of pavement materials
  • Constitutive modeling of bitumen bound granular materials

Major Facilities for Research:

The department has excellent laboratory and computing facilities to support frontier research in the diverse specializations of Civil Engineering. Some of the major equipments available in different specializations are listed below.

S.No Specialization Name of the Equipment
1 Environmental & Water Resources Engineering BOD and biological Incubators, COD reflex facility, microscope for biological observations, spectrometer, towing tank with digital data acquisition system, open channel flumes including tilting and wave flumes
2 Geotechnical Engineering cyclic and dynamic lateral load testing facility, one way cyclic triaxial apparatus
3 Building Technology & Construction Management Apparatus for aggregate crushing test.,  Aggregate Impact testing machine ,  Pycnometers.  Los angles Abrasion test machine,  Deval’s Attrition test machine,  Length and elongation gauges,  Bitumen penetration test setup.  Bitumen Ductility test setup. Ring and ball apparatus,  Penskey – Morten’s  apparatus,  Vicat’s apparatus

Specific gravity bottle.  Lechatlier’s apparatus.  Slump and compaction factor setups

4 Transportation Engineering Bitumen Ductility test setup, repeated load test facility for bituminous mixes


Faculty Publications


S.No Name of the faculty Conferences / seminars attended No. of papers published Workshops
National International National International
1 Dr.Lateef Khan   4   2  
2 P.Sudheer Rao       1  
3 Mizra Hyder Ali Baig       4  
4 Dr.Tikka Ram Chowdary 4 8   4 6
5 Dr.Mallikarjuna Rao   4   2  
6 Y. Sujatha 3     4  
7 K. Ananda Mohan 1   2 3  
8 R.Nava sai Divya       2 2



Faculty Research

  •  Research in the field of Finance
  • Research in the field of Insurance and Marketing


Student Research

Mini Projects:

  •  List of Mini Projects to be enclosed

Major Projects:

  •  Major Projects are getting finalized


Two Articles or notes on any particular subject from all the faculty in the MBA Department

 P.A.L.N.S. Kalyani

  • B.L.Martin
    1. E- Retailing
    2. The Right Attitude
  • P.Swathi