Computer Labs

Computer Labs @ Sphoorthy

Our computer labs are highly functional, with all the state-of-the-art features available on the tap. They are constructed to cater the various needs of the students, like academic purposes, digital learning and internet browsing. The knowledge and skills of our students can improve by multiple folds, and they can use these resources to complete their academic projects without any issues.

We use advanced hardware for our computers, so that our students do not face any problem while running the high end applications. This arrangement is perfect for the students, who want to do some real challenging projects.

We never leave the software copies go outdated. We track every new version of the software application, and stack them up in our software library. Our wannabe graduates can use whatever software and version they want, such huge is our collection.

Our systems are provided by high speed internet connections, so that there is zero delay while venturing out in the World Wide Web. We have also backed up the entire computer systems with high capacity UPS, and hence, there is no interruption whatsoever.

Our engineering college computer lab, which has centralized air conditioning and many eminent features, is the best facility out there.