Clubs & Committee

Sphoorthy has assigned various committees for the smooth functioning of the college. These committees also allow us to concentrate on the development of the respective aspects.

We have committees for library, R&D, NSS, Canteen, Women’s chapter and Grievances redressal. There are dedicated president, vice-president, secretary and joint-secretary for each committee, and they are responsible for the smooth functioning of the system.

Clubs are also established for regrouping the students with similar interests. We got Literary & Cultural club and Sports club to serve the students.

1PresidentK. Dheeraj Naidu CSEIII A
2Vice - PresidentB. Maneesha Chaudhary CSEIII A
3SecretaryN. Shreya ECEII B
4Joint Secretary ChandanaECEII B
1PresidentG. Kalyan Kumar CSEIII A
2Vice - PresidentN. Gayatri CSEIII A ---- unanimous
3SecretaryD. Srikanth Reddy ---- unanimousECEII C ---- unanimous
4Joint Secretary Sai Rachana ECEII C
1PresidentJ. Manoj CSEIII A
2Vice - PresidentP. Santhosh Goud ECEIII A
3SecretaryP. Abhinav CSEIII A
4Joint Secretary D. Srikanth Yadav ECEII C ---- unanimous
1PresidentR. Rohith SaiCSEIII A
2Vice - PresidentC. Stephen CSEIII A
3SecretaryD.S. Vishnu Vardhan ECEII C ---- unanimous
4Joint Secretary K. Pavan Sai Saran CSCII C
1PresidentS. Rohith Rao CSEIII A
2Vice - PresidentD. Revanth CivilII A
3SecretaryN. Vinay Kumar ECEII B
4Joint Secretary G. K. Shivani CSCII A
1PresidentP. Swarna CSEIII A
2Vice - PresidentA. Sai Vardhan ECEII B ---- Unanimous
3SecretaryP. Sai Teja Varma ECEII A
4Joint Secretary D. Itihaas ECEII A ---- Unanimous
1PresidentG. A. Harini CSEIII A
2Vice - PresidentR. Sruthi Rupa Priyanka CSEIII A
3SecretaryS. Shiney CSE III C ---- Unanimous
3Joint Secretary V. Sravya ECEII A ---- Unanimous