Campus Clubs

Campus Clubs @ Sphoorthy

Sphoorthy Engineering College encourages students to participate in different activities at Campus Clubs. In Campus Clubs management organizes variety of programs like educational, social, cultural, recreational and entertainment programs. These programs gives an opportunity for students to develop their interactions among groups, helps enhance their creative and leadership skills.

The members of this club consist of chairperson, a coordinator, organizers, faculty members and students. These members of clubs are selected on basis of their record of commitment in their respective fields. Interested students can register their names for the following mentioned club activities.  All the active members shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of the club.

Duration of each member will be for 1 Year. Depending upon the progress and active participation, the members will continue to share the responsibilities.

A student after the completion of 3rd year cannot continue either as a member or serve any privileged position. So, the other active member will take up the responsibilities.

Codes of Conduct

1) Regular Participation

2) Discipline and professional conduct

3) Not to publish, post, distribute any inappropriate, obscene, defamatory, indecent material or information

4) Not to defame, abuse, harass or violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy or publicity) of others.

There are totally 8 Clubs:

1) Kalidas – Picasso Creative Club  

2) Amithab-Shakespeare Dramatic Club  

3) Jaggi Vasudev Wordsworth – Eco Club  

4) Rafi Ghantasala Singing Club  

5) C.V. Raman – Eienstein Robotics Club  

6) Rabindranath Tagore Language Club  

7) Sachin Tendulkar Sports Club  

8) Vivekananda – Social Service Club  

Annual Day

Sphoorthy Engineering College Annul Day celebrations take place in the months of January and February every year. Prior to celebration day students will participate in numerous competitions conducted by college management. Competitions in sports, cultural and literary are few to mention. In addition to the staff and the students – parents, alumni, and other guests are invited for the event. This is an occasion for the college to speak about its commitments and how far the college has been successful in fulfilling those commitments. The annual report consisting of the achievements and record of events of the past year is presented to the College Board a week before the proposed Annual day