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About Sphoorthy Engineering College

Sphoorthy, the name is tantamount to Inspiration is offering Qualitative and value Based Education with a mission and vision of providing the best infrastructure, quality education and overall personality development within the campus. Sphoorthy standards and efforts honors it a top position among the engineering colleges in Hyderabad.

At Sphoorthy, our approach to education has always been innovative and technology driven.

It is a perfect environment for engineering students to pursue their passion effortlessly. Every student future is envisioned here.

  • Established in the year 2004 With the approval of AICTE
  • Sphoorthy is permanently affiliated to JNTU, Hyderabad.
  • We have been graded in category 1 by JNTUH and were awarded 94 out of 100 points for our academic achievements, superior infrastructural facilities…..that’s what makes Sphoorthy a best college for engineering in Hyderabad.

At Sphoorthy, we focus on developing traits in students which are common among leaders in every industry by providing a wide range of opportunities that will empower our students in ways they would have never imagined. We at the core has a rigorous academic environment focusing much on  interactiveness and mentoring faculty student relationship with extensive hands-on learning. At Sphoorthy, we share the motivation to learn and to excel with all our students. We hold a tremendous record in providing best placements for our students.


As a prospective student of Telangana, if you are looking for an engineering college that balances academic rigor with a student rich in opportunities? Look no further: Sphoorthy lives here. Your 4 years of study at Sphoorthy can be some of the best years of your life.

Engineering College Fees in Hyderabad

Sphoorthy charges the students with fixed fee per academic year, as specified by the JNTUH University. However, there is a difference in fee for the convener and management quota seats.

  • The convener quota seats are charged according to the JNTUH University rules, and the fee structure follows the same.
  •  For management seats, the fee amount and structure change, and this will be discussed with you at the time of enrollment.


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