Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations @ Sphoorthy

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  • Sphoorthy Rules & Regulations

    Sphoorthy, known for its high standards and discipline, has to ascertain stringent measures to maintain the reputation. Hence, we frame certain rules and regulations, which are mandatory for each and every student. We take a serious note about the implementation of these rules, a lot more than any other engineering college.

    Dress Code:

    Students in the college will observe the following dress code

    Boys: Formal shirt neatly tucked in, and trousers, Shoes and Hanging I – cards.

    Girls: Salwar Kameez, Half / full shoes, Hanging I-Cards.


    1. Students are allowed to wear Jeans and T-shirts only on Friday & Saturday.
    1. Students who are improperly dressed will not be allowed into the college premises.

    ID Cards:

    ID cards to students will be issued once they have done with form filling work at the time of registration. All the students should submit their details of blood group to the college at the time of registration.

    In case if student lost the ID card, he/she can obtain a duplicate card at the cost of nominal payment.

    Without the ID Cards the students will not be allowed into the college campus.


    Students have to strictly follow the guidelines instructed by college management in terms of attendance. College tracks attendance and regularity of every student in class rooms, for internal tests and other tasks. Students need to get permissions for leaves and also need to submit leave letters to the respective counselors.

    Cell Phones:

    At Sphoorthy campus it is restricted for students to carry cell phones with them. Camera mobiles are not allowed inside the college campus and if any such case found they will be ceased by the college and will not be returned back. Any rules avoided by any student will be viewed from a serious angle.