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MBA Department Magazine

1MBADec,2017 Dept. NewsLetter-2017
2MBANov,2017 Dept. NewsLetter-2017
3MBAOct,2017 Dept. NewsLetter-2017
4MBA Sep,2017 Dept. NewsLetter-2017
5MBAAug,2017 Dept. NewsLetter-2017
6MBAJul,2017 Dept. NewsLetter-2017
7MBA2017 Dept. Magazine-2017

Departments Magazine

S.No.DepartmentMonth of NewletterDownload/View
1CSESeptember Dept. NewsLetter-2017
2CSEAugust Dept. NewsLetter-2017
3CSEJuly Dept. NewsLetter-2017

College NewsLetter-2017

S.NoYear of the NewsLetterDownload/View
12017 College NewsLetter-2017

Akshara Sphoorthy – 2014

S.NoMonth of the Magazine Download/View
1Januray 2015 Akshara Sphoorthy January 2014
2December 2014Akshara Sphoorthy December 2014
3November 2014Akshara Sphoorthy November 2014
4October 2014Akshara Sphoorthy October 2014
5September 2014 Akshara Sphoorthy September 2014

Ripples College Magazine

S.NoYear of the Magazine Download/View
12015Ripples Edition-I
22015Ripples Edition-II
32014Ripples Edition-II
42014Ripples Edition-I
42013Ripples Edition-II
52013Ripples Edition-I
62012Ripples Edition
72010Ripples Edition

College Brochure

S.NoYear of the BrochureDownload/View
12012College Brochure